Pi-Rho Festival 2014             Saturday 3/8/2014                 Pot-Luck Menu

LAST UPDATED:  8:25am Friday 3/7/14

This year’s main entrees will once again be supplied by Rudy & Laura: smoked pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs.

Please review what has been signed up for already, and decide what crucial item you feel is missing.

We will add the item to the list and claim it with your name.

If you want to see previous lists you can reference:  menu2007.html, menu2008.html, menu2009.html, menu2010.html, menu2011.html, menu2012.html, menu2012b.html, or menu2013.html

Email to: Food@PiRhoFest.com to add your name and item to the list. 

***********The cleaning crew respectfully requests that you remember to take your serving bowls with you (after the fireworks event).***********



Green Salads/Fruit Salads

Netha salad (green salad with fruit and pecans)-Sally

Fruit salad-Becky & Matt

Coleslaw- Holly & Jim

Arugula & Orzo Salad – Ryan


Side Dishes/Other Salads

Potato salad-Dawn & JD

Quinoa salad –Joan

Charro beans- Becky & Matt

Corn pudding- Laura & Eric



Chocolate dessert- Joan

Pie! – Christi & Joe

Some sort of dessert – Laura & Eric


Canned Soda/Bottled Water

Bottled water – Holly & Jim

Sprite & Coke and bottled water –Kathy & Bill



Homemade bread-Sally

Deviled eggs – Christi & Joe

Hummus & veggies/pita chips- Laura & Eric


Other Essentials

Warming chafers, plates/bowls/eating utensils, serving utensils, drink cups, 2-3 large tables, 1 canopy-Christi & Joe

Ice chest with ice- Christi & Joe

2 coolers with ice- Holly & Jim


As rain is predicted for Saturday evening into Sunday morning,

SUNDAY MORNING’S Breakfast after campout may be a wash out, with the head PiRho Rudy possibly bailing:


Pastries- Dawn & JD

Campfire breakfast potatoes – Sally

Eggs- Christi & Joe